Over Drive Girl 1/6 (anime) (Amazing Stranger, Choukadou Girl 1/6, Chō Kadō Gāru 1/6, 超可動ガール1/6) is the anime adaptation of the Japanese tankōbon manga series by Öyster. It aired from April 6, 2019 to June 22, 2019 having twelve episodes lasting twelve minutes each. The series was animated by Studio A-Cat.

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bouida Haruto, a hardcore otaku with no interest in 3D (real) women, once appreciated figures from afar, accepting that "if you get into them, there's no turning back." However, when Nona, a character he loved from an anime called "Girls→Planetary Investigation" had a figure of her released, he ended up purchasing it. And then that night, the figure of Nona somehow came to life, and a couple-like lifestyle between man and toy began.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Director: Keitaro Motonaga [2]
  • Series Composition: Chabo Higurashi [2]
  • Character Design: Hidekazu Ebina [2]
  • Theme Song Composition: AOP [2]

Music[edit | edit source]

  • Opening Theme: "Soreyuke! Koigokoro" by AOP (Episodes 1-12)
  • Ending Theme: "One" by Toujou Haruka (Episodes 1-12)

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Air Date
01 You're a Super Mobile Girl

君は超可動ガール, Kimi wa Chō Kadō Gāru

April 6, 2019
02 Earth Robot: Ozma

地球ロボット・オズマ, Chikyū robotto Ozuma

April 13, 2019
03 What You Learn Today Can Be Overturned Tomorrow

今日知ったことは明日覆る / ふたりのクリスマス, Kyō Shitta Koto wa Ashita Kutsugaeru/ Futari no Kurisumasu

April 20, 2019
04 Bellnoa the Brave

勇者ベルノア, Yūsha Berunoa

April 27, 2019
05 Dragulious Saga

ドラグリウスサーガ, Doraguriusu Sāga

May 4, 2019
06 Even in Love, Even in Love

ラブしても ラブしても, Rabu Shite mo Rabu Shite mo

May 11, 2019
07 Keep the Secret a Secret

ナイショはヒミツにしておいて, Naisho wa Himitsu ni Shite Oite

May 18, 2019
08 Striking Fist

ストライキング・フィスト, Sutoraikingu Fisuto

May 25, 2019
09 Love You Till I Die, Love Even Your Lies

死ぬまで愛して ウソまで愛して, Shinu Made Aishite Uso Made Aishite

June 1, 2019
10 Another World! Staying with Figurines at a Hot Spring Inn

別天地! フィギュアと泊まれる温泉宿, Bettenchi! Figyua to Tomareru Onsen yado

June 8, 2019
11 Space Probe`s (Space Pilot`s) Song

惑星探査機[うちゅうひこうし]の歌, Uchūhikōshi no Uta

June 15, 2019
12 Let Me See Your Universe

君の宇宙を見せて, Kimi no Uchū o Misete

June 22, 2019

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